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RLSQ Vision

We aim to 'engage, serve and build' community.

Engage our community

In 2021, we aim to have all Samoans participating in RLSQ. We opened up 4 Regions to allow players and families base themselves in their region Northern Nafanua (North of Brisbane River), Eastern Eels (South East of the Brisbane River), Western Chiefs (South West of the Brisbane River) and Southern Sharks (South of the Logan River to Ballina). We aim to have Sunshine Coast and Far North Qld regionally based teams.

Serve our community

From 2021, our aim is to serve the community. We acknowledge that we are visitors, migrants, traveler's and wherever we land, we adjust, and we survive. RLSQ aims to utilise the opportunity we are given and pull together like-minded organisations to serve and to support people in need. We are not a community support service, but when it comes to servicing community we are here to help.

Building our community

Beyond 2021, RLSQ aims to link up with community organisations and professional services to provide opportunities for our people to learn and grow and, to improve a sustainable quality of life for future generations. This will include education and training in sports specific areas such as coaching, training, injury prevention and support, nutrition, well being, mental health, financial health, career choices and pathways.

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