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RLSQ -Our History

Rugby League Samoa Queensland (RLSQ) was founded in 2011 to give young Samoan Queenslanders an opportunity to play Rugby League at their highest level. The inaugural committee formed two junior teams - Under 16 and 18s.

The concept was devised to support players throughout Queensland by providing a clear pathway to representative levels and with the aim towards the Toa Samoa and in 2016 the Fetu Samoa. 

RLSQ aim to provide opportunities to connect players to our family histories - reinvigorating family connections to Samoa. Players prioritise their commitment to culture and wear the Samoan flag proudly to represent their families, their villages, and their country. The Pride installed from families is supported and strengthened with Rugby League Samoa Queensland.

After Covid-19, RLSQ formed four Regions to accommodate the growing population and to ensure 'no Samoan player missed out'. Northern Nafanua, Eastern Eels, Western Chiefs and Southern Sharks were created -based on the Queensland school sports regions. 

In 2023, 59 teams were registered from Under 8s’ to opens grade with a total close to 1000 players.

Senior RLSQ players and staff were promoted to the international stage at the South Pacific Games and the NRL Pacific Championship. 

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