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Common Questions

What's New in 2024 with RLSQ ?

The 2024 Calendar is yet to be finalized but currently penciled in:

  • RLSQ Clinics (July School Holidays)

  • Q Legal Carnival - Western Chiefs Hosts (September)

  • The Junior Pasifika Challenge

  • Junior QPICC 


  • The Annual Challenge - v RLS NSW (Sydney)

Have the 2024 Registration's opened?

Who can play for RLSQ?

If you have what it takes, you can!

We are ONLY ACCEPTING Queensland based players who have Samoan ancestry. 

Firstly, you need to have Samoan ancestry.


Secondly, confirm your Samoan ancestry or explain your fa'alupega.


If you are unsure, contact us and we'll talk with your family.

If I Qualify For 2 Regions Can I Play In Both?

No. You will need to commit to 1 Region. It is recommended that you play for the Region you live in.

What Age Groups Are Available?

Students - Non-competitive & Mixed

Under 8 Born 2016/2017

Under 10 Born 2014/2015 

Under 12 Born 2012/2013

Juniors - QPICC Grades Male & Female

Under 14 Born 2010/2011

Under 16 Born 2008/2009

Under 18 Born 2006/2007

Seniors - QPICC Grades Men & Women  

PLEASE NOTE: The 18-month RULE.


All Players can play up 1 year only.

eg. An Under 7 player can player in the Under 8. 

An Under 6 player CANNOT play in Under 8.

Can I Play For RLSQ And Another QPICC Nation In 1 Year?

No. RLSQ and other QPICC nations encourage, promote and stipulate that players commit to 1 nation.

If a player is of multiple ancestral backgrounds (eg. 1/2 Samoan and 1/2 Tongan or 1/2 Samoan, 1/4 Tongan and 1/2 Cook Island), that player must commit to 1 nation for that year.

The player can select the other Nation the following year.  

Players have to prove their ancestral connection from starting from their grandparents. 

How Much Is The Levy for 2024?

Due to current financial climate we estimate costs to be between $160-$220 per player.

There will be an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for Levy.


Confirmation will be provided by April.

What Does The Levy Cover?

The levy covers ALL Uniforms: 

Playing kit, Training kit and Regional Polo Shirt

The levy also helps toward the off-field costs:

Insurance. Strapping tape and snacks for players at the Q Legal Carnival and QPICC. 

Are Players Covered By Insurance?

YesRLSQ is sanctioned by the QRL and players are covered by A.J Gallagher.

1. Players MUST BE REGISTERED WITH a QRL affiliated Club.

2. If players ARE NOT REGISTERED WITH a Club, insurance fee ($60) will be added to their levy.

The RLSQ insurance cover is the same as all current QRL clubs in a QRL competition.  

Will There Be Added Costs?


In 2024 - RLSQ teams will travel to NSW to play in the Annual 'Samoan State Challenge' Players will be required to pay for the travel and accommodation.

The RLSQ Exec Team will inform families if there are added costs. 

All added costs will be only to support players. 

Can I Get A Refund?



Once RLSQ have ordered the apparel, refunds are ONLY available pending each individual case under strict conditions.  


If the Queensland or Australian governments cancel sporting events or gatherings that do not allow for ALL families to attend due to Covid related concerns or weather does not allow the carnival to continue, this is out of RLSQ control and we cannot refund players. 

When Does The Season Start?

In 2024, registration will commence before regional team sessions in mid-JUNE.


RLSQ holds games at the end of the regular QRL club season.


Traditionally we play throughout October with the last weekend ending at the Queensland Pacific Island Cultural Carnival.

How Can I Help With A Team?

We welcome all community members and encourage your involvement.

If you are not qualified, please go to the following links.

COACH? Go to - Community Coach - Play Rugby League

TRAINER? Go to - NRL Learning Centre - Level 1 Sports Trainer (

LEAGUE SAFE? Go to - NRL Learning Centre - LeagueSafe (

FIRST AIDE? Go to - NRL Learning Centre - League First Aid (

How Can I Help?

ALL members of the community are welcome to support and lend a helping hand.

For all 'on the ground support staff',  firstly. You will need a Blue Card for Working with Children

Go to the following link: 

Blue Card Services Applicant Portal

When you have your blue card send us a message on Facebook: 

RugbyLeague Samoa Queensland | Facebook

or by email

For Financial Support email and have a look at Our Partners page.

If you still need more information, we’d be glad to meet you in person!

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